Investing in knowledge for long-term profitability


Innovative products generally are designed to meet existing needs, thereby offering customers the maximum benefits.

CAM users invest in innovative milling technologies in order to make complex processes more manageable. This further increases productivity and product quality. The objective: to obtain a clear return on investment.

For this reason, CNC SOLUTIONS provides specialized training seminars that seek to ensure the investment of the clients. Users who choose the hyperMILL® CAM software of OPEN MIND, which is one of the most modern and powerful CAM system in the world, will receive comprehensive education and training.

Also companies that already use hyperMILL® can further expand their competitiveness by investing in the training of their employees and as a direct result they can achieve:

• Best results CAM programming.
• More expertise to increase productivity.
• Encourage staff to continuing education.

Modern CAM systems that are constantly evolving lead to an increased emphasis on training and service. The training that the CNC SOLUTIONS provides, covers all the necessary knowledge and information that an advanced hyperMILL® user requires, so that companies can become more competitive and to make the most of the products purchased.