hyperMAXX® (high-performance roughing) is a new optional roughing strategy for hyperMILL®  and is based on the Volumill technology kernel from Celeritive Technologies.

High-performance roughing means greater material removal due to large infeed depth and a smaller lateral infeed. The hyperMAXX® roughing strategy avoids full cutting, sharp corners and edges in the path, thereby preventing abrupt changes in direction that drastically reduce the feedrate. This is how we achieve consistent cutting conditions and thereby constant tool load. Feedrates and infeeds no longer have to be entered as a precaution for unfavourable local conditions; instead, the programmer can work from the best-case scenario.

Depending on the existing cutting conditions, hyperMAXX® dynamically adjusts the feedrate to attain the maximum possible feedrate at all times. This enables the highly efficient material removal with high process stability, thereby reducing machining times significantly. hyperMAXX® is suitable for the machining of both hard and soft materials.

hyperMAXX® was initially used for 3D arbitrary stock contour machining as well as five-axis shape-offset roughing. OPEN MIND now also offers this optimisation strategy for high-performance cutting for 2D pocket milling.

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High-Performance Roughing.
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