CNC Solutions has created a model educational space

CNC Solutions has created a model educational space in which customers and those who are interested in the CNC machining, now they have the opportunity to be trained -among others- to the CAM/CAD OPEN MIND’s software. Training is done by experienced analysts - developers transferring in addition the company’s accumulated expertise in manufacturing of high precision and complexity parts.


CNC Solutions is the official distributor of the CAD/CAM software of OPEN MIND in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania.

hyperMILL® offers full potential of 5-axis CNC machine tools and a wide range of methods and strategies for treatment planning and more complex parts or molds. From the patented simultaneous five axis machining smart routes until millTURN® functions of multi-axis machines , software of OPEN MIND is geared for more specific applications such as the construction feathered , tire molds , and composite applications for the automotive, aerospace etc.

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a company that develops and sells innovative CAM/CAD solutions that generate optimized NC milling and turning programs for machine tools from digital models.OPEN MIND ranks among the top-5 providers of CAM solutions globally, according to CIMdata, an independent market research company, based on an analysis of 2012 market figures.

Watch the latest project of our team using the hyperMILL ®.